The network gathers institutions that have decided, in 1997, to work together to jointly develop their research on  "Hermeneutics, Myth and Image" and to foster networking in this area of research and teaching. These efforts led in 2001 to the ratification of a cooperation agreement between the partner universities.

The network has officially expanded in 2008, 2010, and 2010.

Excerpt from the cooperation agreement

"The thematic network thus formed aims at optimizing the training of postgraduate students by giving them the opportunity to meet periodically with experts worldwidely renowned in their fields of competence; it organizes meetings around the topic of the network that can take the form of work groups, study days and conferences. These activities can also lead to co-supervision of doctoral theses.

Each year, one of the partners, through the research units, is hosting the so defined meeting. On this occasion, she organizes a meeting of the program officials who prepare the activities of the network." 

"(…) The partner who organizes the study days or the conference is committed to dedicate his best efforts, without obligation to succeed, to seek funds for subsidizing, in whole or in part, accommodation and restoration of postgraduate students first and secondly those of the teachers. The other universities or research centers provide the travel costs of their members. "

The institutions committed are currently:

  • for the Université Libre de BRUXELLES, the Centre de philosophie ancienne et le Centre de recherches phénoménologiques et herméneutiques (Antonino Mazzù);
  • for the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis (BRUXELLES),  the Centre Prospero: langage, image et connaissance (Laurent Van Eynde) ;
  • for theUniversité de BOURGOGNE – DIJON, the Centre Gaston Bachelard de Recherches sur l’Imaginaire et la Rationalité (Jean-Claude Gens) ;
  • for the l'Institut de Philosophie de la Faculté des Lettres (Csaba Olay);
  • for the Université de LAUSANNE, the Plateforme interdisciplinaire d'éthique (Laurent Benaroyo);
  • for the Université CHARLES DE GAULLE –LILLE III, the UMR 8163 « Savoirs, textes, langage » (Christian Berner);
  • for the Université LYON 3 – Jean Moulin, the Faculté de philosophie (Jean-Philippe Pierron);
  • for the Università degli Studi di MACERATA, the Dipartimento di Studi Humanistici (Carla Canullo);
  • for the Institut Catholique de PARIS, the Faculté de philosophie (Jérôme de
  • for the Université de POITIERS, the Département de philosophie (N.N.);
  • for the Université de VERONE, the Dipartimento di Filosofia, Pedagogia e Psicologia (Markus Ophälders);
  • for the Université de ZURICH, the Institut für Hermeneutik und Religionsphilosophie der Theologischen Fakultät (Pierre Bühler)

En dehors des partenaires, le réseau compte également des partenaires associés, dont notamment: pour l’Université catholique de LOUVAIN, le Centre de Recherche sur l’Imaginaire (Myriam Watthee-Delmotte) ; pour l'Université de MAYENCE, le Séminaire de philosophie (Stephan Grätzel) ou encore, pour l'Université de MONTRÉAL, le Département de philosophie (Jean Grondin).

Les réunions annuelles ont abouti à des colloques thématiques ouverts à la participation active de jeunes chercheurs (cf. la page "Colloques / Veranstaltungen"). Les actes de certains colloques ont été publiés (cf. la page " Publications / Publikationen").