Philosophy of Religion (Minor Subject)

In contrast to theology and religious studies philosophy of religion focuses on the phenomenon of religion in a specific philosophical perspective. A characteristic of our course is that we provide an introduction to the main traditions of contemporary philosophical methods – the phenomenological-hermeneutical and the analytical - postanalytical tradition. This training takes place in two phases:

The Bachelor's degree program provides an introduction to analytical philosophy of religion as well as to the tradition of phenomenological and hermeneutical tradition of philosophy of religion. The degree enables a critical examination of the basic questions and main positions of contemporary philosophy of religion in Europe and the Anglo-Saxon world.

The Master's degree program in philosophy of religion deepens the knowledge of philosophy of  religion acquired in the Bachelor's degree program. It does so by focusing on selected problems and projects of philosophical and theological traditions as well as central questions in philosophy, theology and religious studies.

Nebenfach Religionsphilosophie (PDF, 103 KB)