The subject of hermeneutics (hermeneuein from the Greek verb „to interpret, to understand“) deals with the problems of interpretation and the conditions of understanding in different disciplines.


The Bachelor’s degree program provides an introduction to the main questions of hermeneutics. It also gives an overview of the main stages of the historical development of the discipline and presents current positions and debates. The presuppositions and implications of various methods of interpretation are critically evaluated.

The Master’s degree program offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of hermeneutics and increase competency in the discipline. In particular, recent models of hermeneutics are presented and discussed.

The degree program takes an interdisciplinary approach (integrating elements of the students’ training of their major subject area into their minor subject hermeneutics). Accordingly intensive coordination and support are required. Transitions from one discipline to the other are investigated and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Nebenfach Hermeneutik (PDF, 275 KB)